Visual Communication Specialists

Leading technology, in-house expertise and personal service

For over 15 years, Videonations has provided a full range of Audio Visual and Video Conferencing solutions for SMEs and large businesses within the UK and beyond. These include the commercial, education, transportation, healthcare, finance, leisure, retail & local authority sectors, and emergency services to name but a few.

Videonations are Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Specialists, providing equipment to improve your day-to-day activities and increase productivity.  It could be in a training session with the use of interactive whiteboards making learning easier and more fun for the audience, or effectively creating greater face-to-face meetings in the conference room for remote employees or for multiple sites with the use of Video Conferencing systems, or Skype for Business.  We have the solution.

Videonations are committed to providing systems to clients that improve productivity and collaboration, reduce costs and help reduce carbon emissions.

Visual Communication Specialists

Fast-forward the way your business communicates

Videonations are a full service, end-to-end video communication and audio visual integrator.

Our services are designed to make deployment and maintenance of our clients’ solutions as smooth as possible, from the moment you contact us to whenever you need us.

With a choice of service level agreements, you can ensure you have the level of support you need at a price you can afford.

Why choose Videonations for your Audio Visual and Video Conferencing?

All of our Audio Visual and Video Conferencing system solutions are tailored to the exact specification requirements to meet our customers’ needs, and each installation is backed up with on-going support by our highly experienced, manufacturer accredited and trained technicians.  Our vision is to be the integrator of choice in the fields of visual communication and collaboration projects, providing customer satisfaction through technical expertise, suitability of technology and personal, professional service.

Our mission is simple: make audio-visual technology an asset for your business, not a problem. Too many times we have seen other audio visual integrators recommend solutions that are not appropriate for the specific client’s business or will not take a business’ operations into their planning. That is unacceptable. We work around your business. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business so your business can communicate effectively. As your technology partner, when your business grows ours will grow with you, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your audio-visual and videoconferencing needs.

Also, with a choice of service level agreements available to suit your requirements, you can be sure you have the right support you need at a price you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that our customers ask, hopefully this will be useful for you. However, if you have any more questions you can contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. How secure is video conferencing?

A. Security features vary by vendor. Our suppliers offer best-in-class encryption and firewall traversal to ensure that your meeting is accessible only to people you’ve invited, and not unwanted third parties.

Q. What’s the difference between video conferencing and web conferencing?

A. The main difference is that a video conference allows for a dialogue between two or more parties talking online.  Web conferencing works well if you have one speaker broadcasting to a large online audience, but if you want to facilitate a two-way conversation that’s as good as having the people taking part in a room together, you need a video conferencing solution.

Q. Can I video call people outside of my organisation?

A. Yes, you can.  Our solutions allow users to send guest invitations, so adding people from outside your organisation is easy.  Video conferencing is standards based, so systems are interoperable with one another.