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Video Conferencing in the Manufacturing Chain; Increasing Efficiency

The manufacturing business relies heavily on team work and collaboration. (more…)


Fast-growing video conferencing and audio visual specialist Videonations has ‘captured’ a prestigious industry award in recognition of exceptional ‘cloud-based’ sales success and supreme levels of service. (more…)

The Benefits of Digital Menus and Maps

Digital menus and maps are becoming popular around the business world, and with good reason. They have helped thousands of businesses improve their customer experience, and increase their bottom line. Here are just a few of the features and benefits that come from incorporating this technology into your business. (more…)

The Benefits of Video Conferencing and Collaboration in the Finance and Banking Sectors

In the finance industry businesses are constantly battling with the challenge of providing high quality service to clients and increasing productivity without an increase in overheads. (more…)

AV Technology in Hotels; How Consumer Expectations are Changing

In today’s world, business and leisure travellers are demanding a whole lot more from the hotels they stay in. Hotel Groups and private owners are doing their best to offer a wider range of facilities, higher quality of service and an enhanced environment that will leave their customers thoroughly satisfied. (more…)

Amazing Exhibits Brought to Life by Digital Signage and AV Technology

The world of exhibitions has changed dramatically over the years. The footfall of some conferences is incredible. With so many people going to exhibitions it becomes more key than ever for exhibitors to capture the attention and then the imagination of prospective customers. (more…)

Digital Signage on Public Transport

When we are on the go we need information fast. We need to know about when the next train is due, which bus we should be getting on, whether there are any delays, and how to map our route. Digital Signage is becoming a key part of this information transfer process in public transport around the UK, and around the world. (more…)

How AV Technology Is Enhancing The Sports Environment

The world of sport has changed beyond recognition from a decade or two ago. It is difficult to believe that just over 10 years ago Rugby Union was an amateur sport. When you look at sport today it is an entertainment extravaganza, and more and more technology has been brought in to enhance the experience for the audience. (more…)

How Smart Board technology Can Transform Your Training Department

A key aspect of driving your business forward is training your employees. The way you prepare them to handle daily tasks can literally make or break your company. Using the best audio and video technology in your training rooms can aid the transfer of learning, improve attitudes, and mean staff go back into company activities with less skill and knowledge gaps. (more…)

The Meeting Room of Today vs. The Past

If you’ve been in a meeting room recently you will probably have noticed the array of technology that is at your disposal. If you’ve been in a room with a meeting going on you probably also noticed that attendees bring far more of their own personal devices into meetings these days. The conference room has changed out of sight compared to what it was just a decade ago. (more…)

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